Book Review: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven


All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven / ★★★☆☆

Theodore Finch is fascinated by death, and is constantly dreaming up different ways of killing himself. Violet Markey just wants to get through life after the loss of her sister. They meet on the ledge of a bell tower.

It’s my experience that people are a lot more sympathetic if they can see you hurting, and for the millionth time in my life I wish for measles or smallpox or some other easily understood disease just to make it easier on me and also on them.

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Book Review: The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

scorpio races.png

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater ★★★★☆

Summary: On the island of Thisby, every November riders compete in the Scorpio Races, a deadly race on man-eating water horses. Sean Kendrick, a man bound to another man’s business and whose own father was killed in the races, is the returning champion. Puck Connolly enters in a desperate attempt to keep her brother from leaving- and volunteers on her land horse.

This time of year, I live and breathe the beach. My cheeks feel raw with the wind throwing sand against them. My thighs sting from the friction of the saddle. My arms ache from holding up two thousand pounds of horse. I have forgotten what it is like to be warm and what a full night’s sleep feels like and what my name sounds like spoken instead of shouted across yards of sand.

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Top 5 Wednesday: Problematic Characters

TOP 5 WEDNESDAYproblematic characters.png

My first Top 5 Wednesday! Coming in a little late, but…better late than never right? Top 5 Wednesday is hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes, and you can check out the Goodreads group to see more topics for this month!

Problematic Faves: Characters you don’t want to love, but you can’t help liking.

I must preface with the fact that…I’ve hated the word problematic used to describe people since it started coming into fashion in like, 2010. Who is NOT problematic, is my question?? How do you have a good story without characters that cause problems, or are problems, or represent the problems of the real world? The way it’s used as a blanket-term niggles at me. One can call Kaz Brekker problematic. One can call Winnie the Pooh problematic. Does the word have the same meaning when describing both of them? I….would be interested in an analysis, if so.

For this list I chose characters I genuinely did not like at first, and none of which I’d ever want to be real people or meet in real life, none of whose actions or world-views I necessarily approve of or agree with, but in the end…they earned some part of my heart. I appreciated them and I learned something from them – perhaps something good, perhaps something bad – and I felt for them. I didn’t want to….BUT I DID.

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Book Review: Bird Box by Josh Malerman


Bird Box by Josh Malerman ★★★★★

Summary: When Malorie goes outside with her children, she must blindfold them and then herself. Something is out there, something terrifying that must not be seen. One glimpse of it, and a person is driven to deadly violence. And five years after it began, not many people are left.

The moment between deciding to open your eyes and then actually opening your eyes is as scary a thing as their is in the new world.

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Book Review: The Power by Naomi Alderman


The Power by Naomi Alderman / ★★ 1/2

Summary: Women suddenly gain an extraordinary power. They can control, kill, cause extraordinary pain- all with the touch of their hands. As this power is revealed in more and more women, civilization as the world knows it begins to change radically- and not necessarily for the better.

It doesn’t matter that she shouldn’t, that she never would. What matters is that she could, if she wanted. The power to hurt is a kind of wealth.

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October Wrap Up & Roadtrip Pictures

october wrap up.png

Hello! I feel like I haven’t posted as much and that I’ve been rather distant on here, and it’s not because I want to be. October has been BUSY. Not necessarily in a bad way, though. I did go to on a roadtrip to Alaska, and I did meet Rachel and Chelsea in the mysterious city of Hartford to see a production of Les Mis, and then Boston for Merrily We Roll Along (which was FANTASTIC btw- read Rachel’s perfect review). Life in general has been busy, but again, not in a bad way, except for the fact that it’s cutting down on my reading and blogging time!! I was only able to complete 4 books this month, and every one of them I read with eyes itching for sleep. BUT sometimes sleep must be sacrificed for books. In November I’m going to GET MY ACT TOGETHER and not go on any more spontaneous roadtrips, and sleep more, I promise. After I get back from a business trip in Chicago on Friday D:

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Book Review: Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng


Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng / ★★★★★

Summary: Lydia is dead. She is the favorite child of the Lee family, a mix-raced Chinese American family living in 1970s Ohio, and as the causes of her death unravel, the family tumbles into chaos, forcing them to confront the long-kept secrets that have been slowly pulling them apart.

Up there – eighty-five miles high, ninety, ninety-five, the counter said – everything on earth would be invisible. Mothers who disappeared, fathers who didn’t love you, kids who mocked you – everything would shrink to pinpoints and vanish. Up there: nothing but stars.

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Top 5 Tuesday: Book quotes

top 5 tuesday (2).png

Top 5 Tuesday is a meme by the fantastic Bionic Book Worm, and it explores a different bookish topic each week. If you’d like to join in, check out the Top 5 Tuesday October Topics!

THESE were DIFFICULT to choose. I could probably debate over this post for hours, but in the end I had to go with some of these. I’m not promising anything inspiration here, just things that really punched me in the gut when I read them and that I’ve thought about for a long time I’ve finished the book. So let’s go!

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