You and I are the Moon and the Sky

The first day of elementary school
Small sticky hands on doorknobs
I found my desk near the back.
You walked in and glanced around
Demanded, to no one in particular,
“Where’s mine?”

I blame the alphabet.
No, the ancients who arranged it
And put those two particular letters
Beside one another

You never let me forget it
Poked my back and pulled my hair
And stole the words off my spelling tests

You made me laugh
So I kept you.

We battled dragons in your backyard
And brewed potions in my kitchen
Spun webs around everyone else,
Who dare question us.

We considered ourselves.
Listen, listen to me,
I have more to say

In middle school
When your mother broke the news
And your brother asked for lunch afterward,
It was prepared with dry eyes.
You cried into my cereal

I made you smile.
You could keep that.

Movies and pizza, Friday nights
Dragons and spells and quests.
Watch, watch until it’s over,
We can continue the stories ourselves

New York City was so haunted
That autumn we decided to go during high school.
The Statue of Liberty was blocked by an ocean of monsters,
But our laughter was brighter than the sun
That burned imprints and images into our eyes

Read, read it for me please,
One day we’ll be famous.
You poked my back and pulled my hair
Eyes glazed over with stars

I did,
I wanted to keep it.

I like to think that your college essay
Wouldn’t have been so immaculate
If you hadn’t learned to spell over my shoulder

Dragons and spells and castles
Monsters and potions,
An adventure, a chosen one
A solo quest.

I hadn’t realized

Technology is to blame, they say
For the reason people don’t communicate
Face to face

But so is distance.

A suffocation, strangulation
Texts and messages and photos
Listen, listen to me,
I have more to say.

I tried to keep it.

I found the book
Castles, swords and royalty
Words unrecognized,
A lifetime in a world, not a trace to find
In you.

A burned, ruined heart,
Split down the middle
I asked, excruciating on the tongue,
to no one in particular
“Where’s mine?”




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