Book Hangover: Level INTENSE


December is half over, and I’ve only read one new book so far this month.

It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve finished the Raven Cycle series, and it gave me exactly what I look for in a book series: a story and characters that I love with all my being, one that I know will stay with me and I’ll read again. That’s the fun part of a book hangover.

The “bad” part? I can’t move on! I’m not quite ready to devote my brain to a new book or series after spending so much time on the mysteries of the Raven Cycle. I’m still in Henrietta, Virginia with Gansey and Blue. Any book I start won’t get my full attention, and more importantly, my full heart.

I want to read more books- but I don’t.

I don’t feel ready to enter myself into new relationships with new characters. I’m not ready to meet new people. How am I supposed to love anyone as dearly as Richard Campell Gansey III? What new character could possibly have as big a heart as Ronan Lynch? Who would have the audacity to cause me more hurt than Adam Parrish? Am I supposed to subject myself to the pain of a new plot when I am not healed from the last? My heart is still with the characters of the Raven Cycle, and any new ones I meet will get cheated, any new book will not get my full love. It won’t be fair for either of us.

It’s fun and it’s the reason I read- to get lost in a fictional universe with great fictional characters. That lingering feeling is what I read for. Even if it’s bittersweet to finish the final book, I like the period after finishing a great series- I like reading other people’s reviews and reactions and no longer having to worry about spoilers. I love a series that’s popular enough to have fanart and fanfiction that I can bask in as I slowly ease out of the universe. It’s great to know I read books that were so worth it.

But when I’ve exhausted all of that, and I STILL don’t feel ready to move on? When will I be free! I read one very light, very whimsical romance that didn’t call for a huge amount of concentration or devotion. Hopefully I’ll be able to wade back into heavier reads soon, instead of staring apathetically at the unread books on my shelf before reaching for a random Raven Cycle book and rereading my favorite parts.

Have you ever had a book hangover? What do you do to get over it? What books have given you book hangovers? I’d love to hear – and perhaps get some recommendations!


6 thoughts on “Book Hangover: Level INTENSE

  1. I am so, so excited to hear TRC affected you this deeply. But, uh, I’m also very sad to hear it’s affected you this deeply; book hangovers this intense really are problematic.

    Whenever I’m in any kind of book slump, I catch up on (ahem, binge) other forms of storytelling (mostly Kdrama, manga, and anime) for a week or three. It sates my need for engaging characters and interesting narratives, but is different enough from novels to be a sufficient break.

    Here’s hoping you come out of this hangover soon, one way or another. =)

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    • That’s really great advice!! There’s an anime I’ve been meaning to get started on and a kdrama a friend has been begging me to watch, so this is probably just the right time for them 😀 But I like what you said about engaging in different kinds of storytelling- I think for me personally novels are the most intimate way to consume a story, perhaps because it takes more work and brainpower to read something than to watch something. And sometimes these kinds of hangovers and burn outs are a great way to get back into those other storytelling forms 🙂


  2. Hi there!

    I am so glad I found this post and your blog. Thank you for writing this! You have put all the things I’m feeling right now so eloquently into words and I’m relieved to know I wasn’t the only one who felt this way about TRC. I recently finished The Raven King after reading the entire series in about two weeks and I feel totally unmoored! Easily the worst book hangover I’ve ever had. What a testament to Maggie Stiefvater’s skill that the universe and the characters she created feel so real and make it so difficult to say goodbye. It’s rare and wonderful to connect with a book on such a strong level but it sure makes it tough to move on. I have a feeling it’s going to take me some time.

    I’m very much hoping I can find another story or a different medium to get me through this slump relatively easily. I think this post and knowing that someone has been in this place before me will help a lot. ❤️

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    • Hi!!! I’m so glad you can relate!! I know I wrote this post months ago but honestly I’m still not over these books, haha. They’re just so good and the characters just won’t leave me!! But I have read other books since then, and I’d totally suggest the Six of Crows duology if haven’t read that you want something that’s also dark and twisted. Right now I’m reading the Lunar Chronicles, which are great if you love fairy tales!! But turning to television shows and such also are a great way to get through a slump! But at least we have the Ronan Trilogy coming out…eventually, lol. And a short story in a few months that’s going to be printed with the Raven King paperback. It’s not over!!


      • I don’t know if I’ll ever be over them either, haha. But I’m so excited about the Ronan Trilogy! It’s really nice to know that there’s more coming in the future and their stories aren’t over. Thank you so much for the book recommendations. They are both right down my alley!

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