Top 5 Tuesday: Fictional Boyfriends


Top 5 Tuesday is a meme by the fantastic Bionic Book Worm, and it explores a different bookish topic each week. If you’d like to join in on the fun, check out the Top 5 Tuesday June topics! And check out her top 5 fictional boyfriends!

I can talk all day about crushes, because my heart is no stranger to them. Fictional, real…celebrity, which is a strange mix of fake and real. But narrowing it down to what I truly felt was boyfriend material (for myself) was a bit difficult. The list could go on, but these are a few recent (and some older) favorites.


Kai from The Lunar Chronicles

Kai won my heart from the very first chapter of Cinder, I love him. He’s such a sweet, good guy with a whole lot of sass. I loved his patience, especially when it came to Cinder, his respectfulness and his eloquence as such a young leader. Kai was on my list of favorites from book 1, and I know he’s a bit more low-key compared to the other male leads in The Lunar Chronicles, but his goodness and his sweetness totally charmed me. Kai’s a cutie.


Kell Maresh from the Shades of Magic Trilogy

KELL. He’s moody and got a tough exterior, but he’s extremely loyal and has such a big heart. And okay, Kell definitely isn’t realistic boyfriend material for me, I don’t think our personalities would line up very well – I’d probably feel much more comfortable around his more congenial brother Rhy – but I so fell for Kell’s good heart and rogue-ish nature. Also, love the coat.


Henry Cheng from The Raven Cycle

Henryyy! I really admire people who are outgoing and give off such exuberance, and he definitely has that. He’s so cheery and quirky and shameless. But I love how on the inside he struggles with finding a place to belong and how to express himself so that his inside matches his outside, despite how on the outside he exudes such confidence. My HEART. And he made me laugh. Why did we only get one book of that series to really get to know him???


Kartik from the Gemma Doyle Trilogy 

I read these books years and years ago but I will forever have a crush on the leading male, Kartik. He was so troubled but so SOLID and good and clever. Another softie under a guarded exterior. And I just pictured him so handsome. I loved him so much and just wanted him to get all he hoped for his very unfair life.


Jest from Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Jest! Jest was the light of my life while I was reading this book, he was a big ol’ softie surrounded by a lot of darkness and tricks and suspicion. He was a sly, crafty fellow but his sweetness stole my heart…he was so good. I’m getting emotional.


Honorable mentions:

Adam Parrish from The Raven Cycle: Adam is basically my favorite character ever, but I wouldn’t consider my all-consuming love for Adam to be very “boyfriend-ish” now that I’ve finished the series. BUT I just have to mention him because the second he was described as a “sepia photograph” in book 1 I think my heart nearly jumped out of my chest and into the book. Love at first sight that took me down a very bumpy road.

Harry Potter: Harry’s been my boyfriend since I picked up the series when I was nine years old and he’ll always be my boyfriend til the day I die.

Who are your fictional boyfriends/girlfriends/crushes??? This is such a fun topic, I’d love to know!

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