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Thank you Rachel at pace, amore, libri for nominating me for the Unique Blogger Award! I definitely recommend following her blog, especially if you like classics, mysteries and historical fiction!

The Rules

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them 3 questions.

1. Who’s your favorite actor/actress and what’s your favorite performance that they’ve ever done?  It can be something you’ve seen on stage, or in a film/television show/etc.

Okay, I need to explain myself. I’m terrible at watching things. When I was a kid and teen I watched TV 24/7, but then I just…never really made the transition to loving adult television/movies? I don’t know, I rarely go to the movies and hardly watch TV shows these days. I’ll spend days and days reading a 900 page book, but its 2 hour movie adaptation? Nah. What is my problem? I don’t know!

I’ve tried hard to pinpoint why this is. I think a lot of what’s popular is stuff I’m not into – super heroes, sci-fi, action, romcoms – but they’re the types of movies people tend to choose for movie nights, so I’ve spent many nights of TORTURE sitting through them (no offense I’M SORRY). And as a result my attention span and willingness to give movies and shows a chance as dwindled. And I’ve just always preferred reading as my top form of entertainment, I think.

So…as a result I don’t really have a favorite professional actor. BUT I’m going to get sentimental here, because my favorite actor is one of my best friends. His name is Napoleon and he’s an amazing actor/singer and I love going to see his shows. He played Bobo in a college production of A Raisin in the Sun and he was on stage for literally 10 minutes and I was blown away with what he did with such a small part. Very great show, too.

So guys, please recommend movies/shows/plays/etc! I think I tend to enjoy things that are more historical, perhaps whimsical, maybe on the fantasy side? My favorite stage show is Les Mis, and if I had to pick a favorite movie I think I’d say Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (I saw it 5 times in theaters and that’s saying a lot), and my favorite show I’ve watched recently is Anne with an E (I binged watched it with no one forcing me and that’s saying A LOT). So please, recommend away!!

2. Which book would you most like to see adapted into a film and why?

The Raven Cycle, which is becoming a show, and in light of my last answer, I’m excited but extremely cautious of being excited because I’ve been burned before by television. But the writing is so cinematic, and the settings can be so eerie and beautiful, and I’d love to see it translated to screen. I’d especially love to see the scenes at the Barnes. If they do it right I’ll be a very happy camper.

3. Talk about and share a picture of your pet(s)!

His name is Cookie Dough and we I have lots of fun with Snapchat filters.


Again this week I have to be somewhere and don’t have a lot of time to tag people, but I’m gonna go off my answer to question 1 and use it as inspiration for two of my three questions. Please consider yourself tagged and ping me back in your post so I can see your answers!! I’m very curious.

  1. What’s your favorite TV show and why?
  2. What’s your favorite movie and why?
  3. If you had a time machine would you rather go back in time, or forward?


Have a great weekend! ❤

21 thoughts on “The Unique Blogger Award

  1. Omg, I am actually kind of similar with TV and movies! What I choose to watch is mainly motivated by certain actors/actresses I really enjoy (hence the question), but I loathe so many popular film genres like rom coms and superhero movies and action movies, that I rarely ever see current popular films. And I’m not much better with television. A few faves though that you may enjoy… Films: Lion, The Lobster (fair warning, this is really really odd but I’m obsessed with it, so if you like dark comedies give it a shot), An Education, My Week With Marilyn, Saving Mr. Banks (these last two are vaguely historical/whimsical). TV: Happy Valley (super dark), Broadchurch (also super dark), Mr. Selfridge (kind of dumb but also endearing)… I love your answer of your friend though, that’s sweet! And I also loved Fantastic Beasts. It’s funny because I was so apathetic about seeing it – I am REALLY into Harry Potter but all the offshoot stuff not so much, I still haven’t read Cursed Child – but I just watched it for the third time last weekend. I’m also obsessed with Colin Farrell though so that may or may not have had something to do with it.

    I love your cat photos so much!!!

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    • Ahhh omg, I don’t think I’ve ever found anyone else who hates popular film like I do. Sitting through an action scene makes me die a little inside, and people always tell me that I “need to give superhero movies a chance,” but I have seen so many of them because they’re SO POPULAR, and I’ve never met one that I’ve enjoyed. And rom coms are the bane of my existence, I’d rather claw my eyes out than watch those. Basically I dreaded movie nights in college, lol.

      But I’m definitely going to give your recs a try!! I actually really like dark comedies (I love the Royal Tenenbaums). And I started watching Broadchurch in college but schoolwork got in the way, so I should def pick that up again.

      I was super cautious going into Fantastic Beasts because I HATED Cursed Child and had basically lost all trust in JK Rowling. It’s one of the least favorite things I’ve ever read, it’s so awful. It’s horribly inconsistent with Harry Potter, destroyed the characters, and the plot was just a mess in general. And like, I had massively low expectations for it in the first place, but somehow it had exceeded them. Cursed Child was a hot mess in my opinion, and if I’d had this blog when it came out last year I would have written a massively long negative review, lol. JK Rowling didn’t actually even write but…it still shocks me that she let it happen, it was just so terrible I felt insulted as a fan. I could go off on it for hours, lol.

      Also YES I loved Colin Farrell in Fantastic Beasts. I wish he could be in the next movies, alas.

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      • Omg it is a little ridiculous how #relatable that all is to me. I literally go as far as to say I don’t like movies sometimes, and people look at me like I’ve grown another head. That’s not quite accurate since I DO have movies I enjoy, but argh, they are so few and far between, and usually the ones I like are weird and indie or foreign or British period dramas lmao. OCCASIONALLY I will love a ~mainstream film (like Lion! definitely watch Lion!), but most of them just suck?! Movie nights are the bane of my existence. And god superhero movies are THE WORST!!!!! With all apologies to feminism, you literally couldn’t pay me to sit through Wonder Woman. THEY ARE ALL SO FORMULAIC AND BORING AS HELL. My roommates senior year were OBSESSED with Marvel and I had to sit through so much of that crap and I just. don’t. get. it. And don’t get me started on romcoms…… it’s the formula that kills me!!!! Like you are just watching the same movie over and over!!!!! What is the point!!!!!

        Ooh have you seen In Bruges? It’s literally my favorite movie of all time (shockingly, it stars Colin Farrell) and I think it’s one of the best dark comedies ever. I’ve never seen the Royal Tenenbaums but I usually like Wes Anderson so I should try it!

        Ugh after the Cursed Child summary was leaked last year I lost all interest in reading it. I’m sure I will… eventually…. but I just Don’t Care and I keep hearing how awful it was. One of my best friends saw the staged production in London and she loved it, but I have a feeling it’s the sort of thing you have to see on stage to appreciate it in any way. The plot just sounds so stupid and goes against so much of what I love about the series. But YES I was also wary of Fantastic Beasts after that but ended up loving it! It was so charming and I loved how it tonally felt very different than the HP films, it has its own unique vibe that really works for the story. And I love the characters so much. I want to be Tina when I grow up.

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      • Oh my gosh THANK YOU I have literally never met another person who shares my hatred of superhero movies. I just. HATE THEM. I don’t care if Batman had a sad past HE’S SO BORING I JUST DON’T CARE THEY’RE ALL THE SAME. And YES oh my gosh all the power to Wonder Woman but I have negative interest in seeing that movie. So many of my friends love these movies and I learned to always position myself on the floor with a pillow during movie nights so I could fall asleep because I literally did not care a bit about Thor or Captain America or explosions. Formulaic movies are my worst enemy, and maybe they wouldn’t be if they could shake up their characters a bit…give them stronger, different personalities, make them more diverse, ANYTHING to add the depth I crave in movies but have such a hard time finding.

        I haven’t seen In Burges, but I’ll definitely add that to my list!! Royal Tenenbaums is super weird, but that probably why it worked for me.

        I do think that Cursed Child would be much better to see on stage (as with any play, I think), but it would still not solve the plot’s awfulness. I will say the one time I enjoyed it was when me and a few friends brought together all our Harry Potter costume merch, some copies of Cursed Child, and some alcohol and put on our own performance of it. That’s literally the only way I found any appreciation for its ridiculousness, lol. And I rarely drink and never act but I made an exception for this, haha.

        Ahhh I love Tina, she’s my favorite, but no one else really seems to share my love for her?? People seem annoyed by her but I LOVE her perseverance. I love how this keeps happening in our interests, lol. But she was my favorite, and I really didn’t expect to love any of the characters as much as I did. When the plot really started getting into the obscurus is when I super fell for it, I LOVED the darkness and eeriness concerning Credence, and the witch hunt aspect. That movie took on way more than I expected.

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      • THEY ARE THE WORST MOVIES OF ALL TIME I AM WITH YOU 100% ON THIS. I think if I had to choose between superhero movies and romcoms I’d actually choose romcoms, which is saying something since I also deeply loathe those. My friend I was staying with in New York tried to get me to see Wonder Woman with her when I was there and I was just like ‘yeah that’s just not gonna happen.’ I get SO BORED during action sequences ugh I just cannot deal with those movies. I also have a hard time falling asleep while watching things, so I really don’t know how I survived movie nights before I had an iPhone to distract me. I’M SO GLAD YOU SHARE MY STRUGGLE. WHY DOES NO ONE ELSE UNDERSTAND???

        Oh my god your cursed child party sounds like SO MUCH FUN, that is something I would totally do if I had enough people irl who were into HP. When I finally tackle that hell play you can bet there will be alcohol involved.

        OH MY GOD HOW DO PEOPLE NOT LOVE TINA?!?! SHE WAS MY FAVE!!!! Hahahah I know I am loving all these random things we have in common. Hatred of super hero movies CHECK love of the secret history while still being critical of camilla’s portrayal CHECK love of Tina Goldstein CHECK. She is seriously such a badass though. I love how independent she is but I also love her relationship with Newt and can’t wait to see how that develops. And YES I loved Credence and was super intrigued by his relationship with Graves (the amount of people who ship them though is a little horrifying to me but I guess that’s the internet for you). But yes, I loved that whole subplot and ugh I just fell so hard for all of those characters. Credence deserved better though 😦

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      • Even when I’ve found someone who isn’t crazy about superhero movies, they still don’t hate them like I do. If I had a personal dictionary they’d be under the definition of boredom. And YES thank goodness for iPhones during movie nights. This is so cathartic, I’ve never been able to fully express my dislike for super heroes with another person.

        Cursed Child 100% requires alcohol. Like even if you started reading without it, it would drive you to it.

        Credence was SUCH a great character, and he was such a big surprise because I did not expect that movie have such a dark subplot to it. But yeah the shipping him with Graves is just…NO THANKS. But I am sad that Collin Farrell won’t be in the next movies. But TINA omg I love her so much, I love how she just doesn’t give up, and she and Newt are so sweet (I love Eddie Redmayne as well). And didn’t our common interests start with One Direction?? I feel like they’re so left field compared to all this stuff, hahah.

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      • Omg you’re right it did start with One Direction!!! Amazing. Bonding over 1D is always going to signal the start of a beautiful friendship tbh.

        I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN I feel like we’re in a Superhero Movie Haters Anonymous group, this is so cathartic. I am so glad I’ve found someone who shares my deep hatred of this genre. Usually when I find someone else who doesn’t love them they just consider them inoffensive but I’m like, no, they are ALL OFFENSIVELY BAD?!

        Ugh yes Fantastic Beasts was so unexpectedly dark which I (obviously) loved! It is the biggest tragedy of my life that Colin Farrell is being replaced by Johnny Depp. Given my longstanding love of Colin and my hatred of Depp it feels like a personal affront. I’m not holding my breath, but it would be great if the real Graves turns up at some point, or if we get a flashback showing how Grindelwald began impersonating Graves, because there are so many unanswered questions about that timeline.

        I love Eddie Redmayne too, I had the biggest crush on him for so long, I think it started with My Week With Marilyn and then he was the only thing I could stand about the Les Mis film, and now he’s perfect as Newt. He’s such a great versatile actor. Eddie and Colin being in a film together was so exciting for me, I just wish they’d had more scenes together!

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      • OMG I could light a thousand fires with my hatred of the fact that they made Grindelwald Johnny Depp. The only significant blemish on that movie for me was that moment. Not only am I not a fan of Johnny Depp AT ALL, but it just feels like they’re using him to sell the movie because he’s a significant actor. It feels so cheap and I just don’t want to look at his face.

        I almost put Eddie Redmayne for my favorite actor to your question! He’s so fantastic, and just seems like a good and sweet guy in general.

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      • UGH just the fact that they cast a known abuser as a lead in a series that’s about empowerment and the underdog 🤔 it is honestly so offensive. And he’s a terrible actor to boot. When the next movie comes out I need someone to photoshop Colin Farrell’s face onto him in every scene he’s in.

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      • RIGHT?? I love those tumblr posts that are like ‘suggestions of people who could have played Grindelwald instead of Johnny Depp’ and it starts with a list of perfectly acceptable actors and then devolves into stuff like ‘an actual potato’.

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  2. OMG Cookie Dough! Your cat is so adorable! I’m completely with you on The Raven Cycle adaptation. With book adaptations I feel like I’m always in this weird place of being so excited about the possibility of seeing some of my favourite characters brought to life on screen and the wider audience that an adaptation can bring to the original book(s), but so anxious that it will all go wrong. I think it all comes from being so badly burned by what Game of Thrones became.

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    • Exactly! What always gets me the most is when an actor’s portrayal of a character is off. Like, I don’t even mind if they don’t look like how they might be described in the book, but when they miss the essence of a character is when I get the most disappointed (like Micheal Gambon as Dumbledore, for example).


      • Oh my god yes, Michael Gambon was such a disappointment! And I’m completely with you, I can deal with a character not looking exactly the same as described if they have the essence of the character and act the part well, but missing that essence of the character is incredibly disappointing.

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