The Liebster Award

I’m procrastinating because it’s Friday and it’s been a long week, and Naty tagged me for this award and her questions were so pleasantly bookish I had to do them right away. Thank you, Naty!!

What book you wish you could un-read to experience it for the first time again?

Harry Potter. I mean, realistically I wouldn’t erase my mind of it because all my teen years were such an experience with it and my life literally revolved around Harry Potter and it taught me so much as a tiny youth, but I’d love to experience them again.

What’s your Hogwarts house?


Who is a character you love who you think belong in your Hogwarts house?

Ohh my gosh I love this question. I think Willem from A Little Life would be a Hufflepuff. Noah from The Raven Cycle. Kai from the Lunar Chronicles? He’s extremely loyal and hardworking and fair. The Song of Achilles’ Patroclus D:  Leigh Bardugo said Jesper from Six of Crows would be a Hufflepuff, which delights me. And I’ve always loved that Tonks is a Hufflepuff.

What popular book have you not read yet?

Very many. One that comes to mind is The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, I really need to get on that one.

What’s your favorite color?

Dark shades of pink/maroonish colors.

What are some of your favorite authors?

J.K. Rowling, Leigh Bardugo, Maggie Stiefvater, Marissa Meyer, V.E. Schwab, Hanya Yanagihara, Ruta Sepetys, I really like Charles Dickens if I’m going to throw a male author in there lol.

What bookish universe could you live in?

Harry Potter.

What superpower do you wish you had?

I usually say invisibility but lately I really wish I had the power to make food have no ill effects on the body so I could just eat as much ice cream as I want and not like, be in a coma.

What is your favorite dessert?

Ice cream obviously. My new favorite I discovered this summer is peanut butter caramel cookie dough.

What genre do you read most?

I think I alternate between periods of fantasy, historical fiction, and contemporary depending on my  mood.

What is a bookish goal that you have for 2017?

I didn’t really have any bookish goal…my Goodreads challenge was 50 books, which I accomplished, but otherwise I don’t really make goals around reading because I don’t like the pressure.

Since these questions were so lovely, I’m going to pass them on. If you like them and decide to do them please link Naty (since they’re her questions) and me (because I’d love to see your answers) both!

Have a great weekend, pals. And thank you everyone who sent me such kind messages about my cat, I’ll respond to them eventually but I read them all and please know they really made me feel better ❤ ❤ ❤

29 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. OMG now I’m thinking about which houses A Little Life characters would be in….. Willem is Hufflepuff for sure, I think JB is Slytherin, Malcolm is Ravenclaw, Harold is Hufflepuff, and Jude….. ahhh I literally do not even know. I don’t think Gryffindor but I could make an argument for any of the others…..

    Also I love your ice cream eating superpower. That’s such a good idea.

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    • Ahhh omg Harold also being a Hufflepuff, the two who loved Jude most 😦 😦 Okay I’m thinking about this and Jude definitely has the self preservation and cunning and ambition of a Slytherin,…but yeah not Gryffindor….maybe Ravenclaw?? And I feel like he has the bare bones of Hufflepuff qualities but Slytherin or Ravenclaw would win out…maybe he’d be really meek Slytherin??

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      • Tbh I was thinking Slytherin too??? Maybe Ravenclaw……. like he’s quiet and thoughtful…… but I was LITERALLY thinking the phrase ‘self-preservation’ for my Slytherin rationale. And he’s definitely cunning and resourceful because he’s had to be to survive….. Tbh I feel like he could have been a Hufflepuff but his life made him a Slytherin 😦

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      • YES omg that was exactly my thought. I was like, “he probably became a Slytherin but was something else beneath it.” I also find it really interesting how he seems least Gryffindor, because so often Slytherin and Gryffindor are just different sides of the same coin.

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      • Yes for sure!!!! But it’s like, Gryffindors are impulsive and daring where Slytherins are careful and calculated and he is so much of one but not the other… Maybe JB could be a Gryffindor??? Then each of them would be a different house, haha.

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      • JUDE. This is making me emotional about him ahahah. JB….hmm he could be a Gryffindor, he’s definitely more reckless and daring. Definitely has that Gryffindor jealousy I see in lots of HP characters. He can go there because I really like the thought of them all being in different houses lol.

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      • JB is such a Ron tbh…… his parents were so indulgent and he was used to having that safety net growing up and he’s not good at not getting his way, but he still faces pretty significant discrimination (racism in JB’s case and poverty in Ron’s) and is fundamentally loyal to his friends even when he’s not good at showing it and is capable of saying really cruel things.

        omg and I’m so emotional about Willem and Harold both being Hufflepuffs………..

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      • Ahh he IS such a Ron. I love how with Malcolm though it’s just like “oh yeah he’s a Ravenclaw” lol. But he is. It makes me think of the part where he needs to make sure Jude’s bookshelf is perfectly measured so he won’t fall over it and how he always knew to look out for Jude’s disability before anyone else did D:

        OMG I know,Willem and Harold’s unflinching love and patience for Jude hurts me 😦 😦

        What would you say Andy is?? I’m thinking Gryffindor.

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      • OMG THAT MALCOLM SCENE 😦 😦 I love Malcolm so much tbh I feel bad that my love for Jude and Willem eclipses him so much but like….. Jude and Willem.

        Ahhhhh Andy I agree 100% with Gryffindor. Like, he is so willing to bend or break rules if he’s doing what he thinks is right. And his bluntness is so Gryffindor.

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      • Jumping in here because OF COURSE this is a discussion that is relevant to my interests. So Rachel messaged me to link the thread, but I’ve been out for the evening and didn’t get to see any of the discussion and I had exactly the same reasoning and conclusion as you guys. I think an argument could be made for most houses, and Rachel you worded it so well with ‘he could have been a Hufflepuff but life made him a Slytherin’. I totally agree, and Ravenclaw would be the second best fit for Jude. Willem and Harold are such lovely Hufflepuffs. I feel like these complicated broken, traumatic life experiences made them other than they should be, characters are generally hard to sort (except Kaz, Kaz is a Slytherin, we all know it)!

        Ahh now I’m having Malcolm feelings too!

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      • I wish WordPress had a an easier way of holding conversations between multiple commenters!! But YAY I’m glad you agree, because for some reason sorting A Little Life characters into Hogwarts houses feels really satisfying for some reason, hahah. It breaks my heart that Jude may be a Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw beneath the Slytherin life made him to be 😦 But I also think he’s an excellent example of a Slytherin without the ~evil~ stereotype. I’d also add Adam Parrish into the mix with him and Kaz- they’re all so brilliant and cunning and ambitious and VERY focused on self preservation to hide their pasts, but they’re all so good at heart. HURTS ME.


      • That would be amazing!! I would eat ice cream and donuts non-stop! I just ate homemade donuts with peanut butter glaze and chocolate drizzle, and I thought of you! It tasted like Reese’s cup! I wanted a dozen but stopped at 2, lol!! I really need that super power 🙂

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      • No, but I wish I knew how! They were amazing!! We have a local donut place that makes the donuts hot and fresh when you order them just the way you want them…I almost cried when I ate there the first time because they are so good, lol. You pick your glaze flavor and a topping and watch them make them! I also had lemon glaze..I guess it’s more an icing..with coconut flakes. So I really had 4, lol!! My oldest got 12…it’s his 19th bday today and he wanted donuts as his cake, lol. He got all PB with either crushed Oreos or choc drizzle. I think donuts should be a food group all by themselves 🍩💖🍩

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      • Those sound DELICIOUS!! Donuts as a birthday cake sounds like a fantastic idea, and all those kinds your son chose with oreos and chocolate sound amazing. I could really go for a donut now, lol!

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      • They really are delicious, and I’m glad the place is about twenty min away lol. That’s close, but I never, ever go that way, or I’d be in trouble! Donuts anytime is a good idea 🙂 I wish I had tried the oreo/pb like my son, but I didn’t think about it, lol.

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