Least Favorite Books of 2017

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After going through all the books I read this year, these five stood out as the ones I had the least fun with. Luckily, I had a very good year of reading so I didn’t have to slog through loads of low ratings to pinpoint these. As much as I love talking about books I love, talking about books I don’t like is worth it in a different, rather cathartic, way.

Please keep in mind that these are my opinions and I’m not trying to slander the good names of these books, insult anyone’s opinions, or hurt any feelings- what it comes down to is that they’re just not for me!

20983362Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Passenger wins the award for being the book to put me to sleep more than anything else I read this year. Maybe I was just particularly tired over the two weeks I read this, but I could not make it through a good chunk of this book without my eyes getting heavy. So many naps happened. I just found this book incredibly long and incredibly boring. The plot was alright but nothing I was truly engaged in, and I did like the characters, but everything just took so long to happen. I always found my attention waning (to the point of slumber).  This book was a MAJOR snooze fest.

Front Lines by Michael Grant18743370

Front Lines is an alternative history book set during a World War II in which females are allowed to enlist as soldier, and it was extremely disappointing. It was long and slow and just didn’t introduce anything new to me that I would have liked to see in a book about girls fighting in World War II. The descriptions of war bored me to tears. I found nothing very shocking, or inventive, about it, and I felt like the romance was an obligatory “girlish element” to include. This was, perhaps, the driest books I read this year.

tog-nyt-coverThrone of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

I know this series is widely beloved, which is exactly why I wanted to get into it so much, but unfortunately it complete missed the mark with me. The characters felt shallow, the plot inconsistent, the action kept being told and not shown to me, and the love triangle appeared to take precedence over all the deadliness and “mystery” of the plot.  I am told that Celaena is a deadly assassin, but I do not believe I saw her kill one person. And really, the love triangle seemed to consist of Chaol and Dorian walking into Celaena’s room without knocking whenever they pleased, over and over and over.  However, I read it with the help of this read along, which enhanced my experience exponentially. I did read the second book in the series, which I found to be better, unfortunately I was not destined to be part of this fandom.

img_3646The Bone Season by Samatha Shannon

I did not enjoy this book one bit, and I 100% should have DNF’d it, but, like with Throne of Glass, I really wanted to get a full picture of what all the hype was about. Unfortunately, I really, really ended up disliking it. It was long and dense, full of a lot of info-dumping and complicated jargon, and yet I still feel fuzzy about exactly how the world of this book works. And even though this book is so long, I don’t feel like a whole lot happened. Worst of all, I really could not stand the characters. I found them flat and undeveloped, and the master/slave romance between Paige and the Warden was…rather baseless, simple, and not my thing. I found this book downright boring. If I could go back and use the time I used to read this book to read something else, I would.

31763748Kasper Mützenmacher’s Cursed Hat by Keith Fenonmiller

I think of this book as the beginning of the end of my brief stint with ARCs. “But how can you swear off ARCs by reading just one bad one??” you ask. I swear to you, if you read this book and you would understand the wariness it cursed upon me for requesting all future ARCs. It was just…horribly, terribly, offensively bad historical fiction. The characters were unlikable, the plot was tangled and disjointed, and the historical inaccuracy of it killed a part of my soul (if I ever make a horcrux and you need to destroy it, read it this book). It was set during the 30s-60s, but characters would use modern 21st century phrases and slang (after saying something awful about Jewish people, Hitler’s right hand man Joseph Goebbles proceeded to add “no offense,” rendering everything he’d said inoffensive, of course), and apply modern values to things. Mostly, this book just attempted too many things and played with too many concepts and ended up being an extremely chaotic, messy story. It was painful to get through and the worst book I read this year. Also, please, if you ever feel the need to give your main character a long name like Mützenmacher, AT LEAST do not put it in your book’s title.

Do you agree with me on these books? Disagree? What are some of your least favorite books of 2017??


25 thoughts on “Least Favorite Books of 2017

  1. Wow it’s fate that you posted this as soon as I logged onto WordPress for the first time today I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS. I hadn’t heard of Front Lines but I am in love with the premise so it is absolutely TRAGIC that it’s so bad. And that last one OH MY GOD I truly felt my soul leave my body at Joseph Goebbels saying ‘no offense’….. LITERALLY WHAT????

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    • LOL I was like….should I post this so late….but then I was like OH WELL but it looks like it was the fates!! I’d been debating writing this post because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to revisit these books but then once I started it was JOY to complain about them again lol.

      Front Lines had so much potential but I think it would have been done much more justice in the hands of a different author. It was just so….straight forward and bland and none of the girls were all that interesting. And it felt like the war scenes were there just to be war scenes and the romance was there just to be romance. I WANTED INNOVATION.

      But omg….that book….that was truly another level of Awful. First of all there was no reason for Joseph Goebbles to even personally make an appearance (he just camein , said some terrible things, then left), but if you’re going to write him, WRITE HIM WELL. “No offense” is not something someone would say about anything in 1930s Nazi Germany but ESPECIALLY NOT HITLER’S RIGHT HAND MAN OMG??? Like there were 304920384 other awful things about that book, things even worse, but for some reason this one stands out to me the most….rip.

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        UGH that is so disappointing about Front Lines, like if you’re going to do an alternate universe premise like that WHY would you make it so dull and predictable?? There are so many opportunities to do something exciting with that!

        OMG Goebbels just came in said some terrible things and left djkslfjdlskf WHY!!! Was it like…. meant to be humorous??? Not that that would really excuse it because it is decidedly NOT a humorous subject but I am trying to make sense of it. No wonder you have ARC-phobia after that omg WHY DOES THAT BOOK EXIST

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      • Omg Goebbles just walked into the main character’s hat shop, had a terrible inane conversation with the main character, then left without buying a hat. I think it was the worst cameo in the history of books. IT WAS SO DUMB THIS BOOK WAS SO AWFUL.

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  2. I totally agree with you on Throne of Glass. The plot was transparent, and I didn’t connect with a single one of the characters. I gave the next book a shot, figuring that once the competition was out of the way, a real plot might appear, but…. Nope. They were #1 and #2 on my least favorite reads of 2017.

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    • When I was reading it, I was like, am I reading the same book as everyone else??? The writing style turned me off so much and made everything feel so flat, it really boggles my mind! I somehow managed to get through the second one simply because I’d heard it was a big improvement on the first, but it was still not nearly good enough for me to continue the series (though it was nice to see Celaena actually kill some people lol). I really wanted to love it along with everyone else, but oh well. We tried!

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  3. Thanks for sharing this Steph! I never have the stamina to drag myself through a book that’s not for me, so I applaud you for not only finishing them but also for still writing such fabulous reviews on them!

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    • Lol thank you! I have to say I’m much better at DNFing now than I was at the beginning of the year, simply because I’ve got a bit less free time to read now with work and whatnot, and I want to make the most of my free time. But some of these books are just books I wanted to see what all the hype was for, so I made myself finish. I just need to know to satisfy my curiosity!

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  4. Great post! I haven’t read any of these — and I guess I’m better off that way. 🙂 I did check out Front Lines from the library, but ended up returning it unread. Oh, that last book sounds truly awful! I feel bad you spent time on it!

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    • Good move! Front Lines was just so plain, especially for a book with such a concept! Lol I wish I hadn’t read that last one!! I should have just put it down and picked up something worth my time…but at least now I’m much better at DNFing than I was at the beginning of the year, mostly because of books like that!


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