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THANK YOU to Andrea for tagging me for this one, because K-pop is my New Thing and even though I’ve only heard of like half the groups on this list, and listened to like…3 of them, it requires more book knowledge than music knowledge, so I think I’m good. K-pop, (and watching the Olympics every chance I can get because my interest in sports only makes an appearance every 2 years) has overshadowed my bookish hobbies lately, so this is a great tag to reel me back in!


  • Credit the creator of this tag, The Book Prophet, and link back to her original post.
  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Answer all the questions to the best of your ability.
  • Tag as many people as you like.
  • Have fun!

BTS– A Book Everyone Knows About


I mean….yeah. My favorite books can go with my favorite K-pop group because I follow the crowd 😎

EXO– Favourite Companion Novel


I’m stealing Andrea’s answer and saying the Six of Crows duology, the companion to the Grisha Trilogy, because there is truly nothing better I can think of.

NU’EST– Name A Book/ Series/ Trilogy That Doesn’t Get The Attention You Think It Deserves

I don’t think I’ve read too many underrated series?? So much of what I read is quite popular. I don’t reside in any underground fandoms, unfortunately. BUT I am working on the Lymond Chronicles, so that could potentially be a future answer?

ASTRO– A Book That Gave You A Happy Feeling While Reading


This series gave me many happy feelings, but Blue Lily, Lily Blue made me, perhaps, the happiest (perhaps because of Adam Parrish).

MONSTA X– A Book Containing A Diverse Cast Of Characters


There is MUCH diversity in the Magnus Chase books.

A.C.E– A Favourite Recent Release


I think the most recent release I’ve read is Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills. I liked it a lot!

BLACKPINK– A Book That Sticks Out From The Rest Of Its Genre


Hmmm…this is kind of a toughy…I’m going with the Lunar Chronicles for science fiction because…I’m not a huge fan of science fiction and I love these books, and I think it stands out among retellings as well.

SEVENTEEN–A Book With Multiple POVs


Multi-generation, multi-POV! Multi places in my heart.

BIGBANG– A Modern Classic


This book should be a modern classic, for sure. Historical fiction with a very distinct voice, it touches upon the changes in Ireland within the last century, and the narrative of a gay man who never fits in there….it’s sad and hilarious at the same time, and it had a very fresh kind of storytelling.

SISTAR– A Series You Wish Never Ended


I’m going with The Raven Cycle again because of I love it, but also because I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the ending of it. BUT we are getting a Ronan trilogy so I suppose my wish is coming true.

RAIN– Favourite Standalone


I’ve read too many standalones for this question. A Little Life I suppose?? Though I feel like describing it as a standalone reduces it somehow because it’s… much.

If you’re a K-pop fan I tag you!! And share your knowledge and favorite bands/singers with me because I’m still a newbie ❤

12 thoughts on “The K-Pop Book Tag

  1. This is such a fun tag!! I’m definitely doing it. Do you watch Kdrama too? You can also get some cool songs through Kdrama OSTs, like the song It’s You – Henry Lau. It’s english but the singer is from a kpop group called Super Junior-M 🙂

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