Hardest Game of “Would You Rather” for Book Nerds

I saw this on Kristin Kraves Books and thought it looked fun! It’s created by Thrice Reads, who found these questions in a Buzzfeed article.

Would you rather have a friend who loses your books, or one who dog-ears them?

This is an  unexpectedly hard question…both of these options pain me…but I’m going with the dog-eared one. Better than losing my dear books I’ve paid good money for.

Would you rather secretly love a book everyone else hates, or secretly hate a book everyone else loves?

Love a book everyone hates! Even if I have no one to talk about it with, I’d rather have fun reading.

Would you rather be stuck on a very long plane or train ride without a book?

Train ride, so at least I can look out the window and not feel as trapped I suppose.

Would you rather have dinner with your favorite author or your favorite character?

Hmmmmmm this is also surprisingly difficult?? I’d love to talk to an author ABOUT their characters and about writing and books and whatnot. I DON’T KNOW depends on which favorite character, I can’t think of just one. So for now I’ll go with author.

Would you rather date a character you have a crush on or your crush from real life?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh real life crush, even though crushes are CURSED maybe one day one will work out for me.

Would you rather have your favorite book turned into a movie, or your favorite movie turned into a book?

Book turned movie!

Would you rather read a book with an annoying cliffhanger, or one where your favorite character is killed off?

Annoying cliffhanger…..unless the death is good and I’m devastated in a good way because I enjoy pain.

Would you rather lose the ability to read any new books, or the ability to reread books you’ve already read?

Lose the ability to reread books I’ve already read.

Would you rather live in a library or a bookstore?

Hmmm bookstore because I just enjoy bookstores better, generally. I like the smell of new books. BUT if it’s a really big and grand library I think I’ll have to go with that.

Would you rather lose your place or get a paper cut every time you read a book?

Lose my place!

Would you rather have to always read in the dark, or always read books with tiny text?

Am I allowed to see in the dark?? Tiny text regardless.

Would you rather read by a fireplace, or on the beach?

Fireplace! I get too hot sitting on a beach for long and I hate getting sand in my books.

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