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HELLO I AM ALIVE. Sorry I have not blogged much recently, or like, a whole lot this year. I could make excuses, but the truth is I’m just kind of waiting for my inspiration for it to return? It will. It’s just elsewhere right now. But I’m still here!! Anyway, Hadeer tagged me for this award, with these questions by Rachel. Thanks Hadeer, and Rachel!!

What’s the worst book you had to read for school?
It’s called Shedding Grace by Anthony Tiatorio, and I had to read it the summer before 10th grade for the sole reason that a former teacher at my school had written it. It’s a novel about the American Revolution and this book will forever be the worst book I have ever read in my entire life because not only was it agonizingly boring, but it was horrendously written and edited (I believe there was a character named Abigail and her name would alternate between Abigail and Abigale) and I remember being being so incredibly furious that I was forced to read this monstrosity. I recall my mother commenting that she’d never seen me so tortured. And every time I picked it up it I would fall sleep, which is the biggest reason it took me so long to get through it in the first place.

Within your own country, where would you most like to visit that you haven’t already been?
You know what. It’s time I start setting my sights on Hawaii.

What’s the best first line of a book you’ve ever read?
I know it’s a classic but I just love The Secret History. “The snow in the mountains was melting and Bunny had been dead for several weeks before we understood the gravity of our situation.”

Do you have any tattoos and do you want any?
Nah. No particular reason, I’m just not interested.

If you watch booktube, who’s your favorite booktuber?  If you don’t watch booktube, what’s your favorite thing to watch on youtube?
Hmmmm I watch booktube occasionally but I don’t think enough to really have any hardcore faves?? To be honest I use youtube to listen to music a lot, I love searching for song mashups and fan-made remixes.

Which classic do you think more people should read?
The only book that comes to mind is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I love that book.

What would you consider the most overhyped and the most underhyped book you’ve read in the last year?
Overhyped is probably Warcross by Marie Lu, and underhyped?? I don’t even know if it was hyped at all, because I hadn’t heard of it before I pulled it off the shelf, but I choose If You Leave Me by Crystal Hana Kim.

Would you like to work in the publishing industry, or do you prefer to keep books and reading strictly a hobby?
I used to want to work in the publishing industry, be an editor or something, but now I don’t think I’d like to. I’d rather consume the books and invest and hype them on my own time and with my own interests, and I think having it as a job would make reading less enjoyable? Also I’ve accepted that I’m not a great editor tbh. I’d rather be the writer. Or just have a non-bookish job to be honest. But idk life is long if I ever had the opportunity maybe I’d try it out!

If you’re a writer, which author’s style do you think is most similar to your own?  If you’re not a writer, which author’s style do you connect with the most as a reader?THIS IS REALLY HARD. Defining my own style is kind of tricky, because I am very easy influenced by what I’m currently reading- like if I’m trying to write something simple, and the book I’m currently reading is really wordy, I’ll start writing that way. BUT I have to say, I think I tend to love and connect with atmospheric writing a lot, though I wouldn’t say that my own writing is naturally atmospheric. I love writing by people such as Donna Tartt, Maggie Steifvater, Katherine Arden, but I wouldn’t necessarily say I relate to their writing. I wish I did! Atmosphere is so hard!!!!

What’s your least favorite book cover?
I don’t know if it’s my least favorite but I hate this version of The Raven Boys with…them on it.


Who’s your favorite actor/celebrity?
Right now I’d say it’s Park Jimin, but I feel like my brand is Harry Styles, so. All the people I ever stan come from boybands except for that one time I was the world’s biggest Hilary Duff fan at age 13. Don’t ask me about actors because I don’t watch things I’m sorry (except for that one time Harry Styles was in Dunkirk).

If you want to do this, please do!!! And you can use Rachel’s because these are really great questions and I cannot top them (NOT because I’m lazy).






9 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. DJSKLFDSJ when I asked that question about bad required reading I was not expecting an answer this good… Abigail/Abigale WOW!!!

    Also you win the bad cover answer, that cover is?? incomprehensible???

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    • I would literally fight that book to the death omg, it was like -10 stars. Reading that book brought my teen angst to its peak.

      I HATE THAT COVER SO MUCH. Like. Who designed that. Who thought those drawings of them looked good. I can’t believe I actually read that book for the first time with a copy of that version.

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