About Me

Hello, my name is Steph!

I’m a girl in her 20s, currently living in New England. I love books and writing….which I suppose is pretty obvious…

I love YA, fantasy, contemporary, historical fiction, and basically anything that you tell me is really, really good (or has a really pretty cover. I’m always weak for a pretty cover.) I also like dolphins, the color pink, chilly weather, and chicken fingers.

I really don’t like writing ‘about me’ sections. Can you tell?

How I rate books:

5 stars: I loved it! Had no complaints, it has entered my heart and will stay there. I will yell from the mountaintops for everyone to read it.

4 stars: Really, really liked it/or loved it, but had minor issues with something. It still touched my heart and I’ll recommend it.

3 stars: It was okay. I was interested in the story and was still invested, but there were aspects of it I didn’t enjoy or caused my attention to waver.

2 stars: I didn’t like it. Mostly likely it simply didn’t hold my interest, and it wasn’t the book for me. I probably struggled to finish it.

1 star: I really didn’t like it. It didn’t capture my interest and there were aspects I didn’t enjoy. I struggled to finish it.

You can contact me at lostpurplequill@gmail.com, or just drop a comment on a post!