Book Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer


Cinder by Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles #1) / 

One sentence summary: Cinder is a cyborg mechanic in New Beijing, where a plague outbreak threatens the life of her stepsister and the royal emperor, and a colony on the moon threatens war against Earth.

She was a cyborg, and she would never go to a ball.

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Book Review: Pale Highway by Nicholas Conley


Pale Highway by Nicholas Conley / My rating: ★1/2☆☆☆

One sentence summary: Genius scientist Gabriel Schist, winner of the Nobel Prize for discovering the cure for AIDS, is now trapped in a nursing home, hindered by Alzheimer’s, and must find a cure for a new deadly disease- the Black Virus.

 He’d be the same man he once was, and he could do things right next time. He could conduct scientific experiments again. He’d never have to live in a nursing home because there would be no nursing homes. He could sail across the world. And anyone he wanted could be saved, as well. 

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