This or That Book Tag


One: Reading on the couch or on the bed?

Hmmmm this is strangely hard?  Though my bed is cozier, I think I spend more time reading on the couch…so I think I may have to vote couch.

Two: Male main character or female main character?

It really doesn’t matter as long as they’re interesting. They can be androgynous, just make them steal my heart. 

Three: Sweet snacks or salty snacks when reading?

Definitely sweet- salty snacks like chips or crackers usually get crumbs in my books or will make my fingers too greasy to touch the pages. Also, I just prefer sweet snacks.

Four: Trilogies or quartets?

However long the story needs to be!

Five: First person point of view or third person point of view?

Definitely third person point of view. First person always takes me some time to get into, and I hate when an author can’t establish a clear voice with it.

Six: Reading at night or in the morning?

Night! Night, when I truly don’t feel as if I’m obligated to be doing anything else, when the crickets are chirping and I can be warm in my bed. It’s just more peaceful, though I do love a good lazy rainy morning of reading in bed.

Seven: Libraries or bookstores?

I love bookstores….I just love them. The smell of new books, and there’s usually a nice cafe inside……but when it comes to libraries I love big fancy ones with pillars and big ceilings. But I have to go with bookstores, also because I love owning my books instead of borrowing.

Eight: Books that make you laugh or make you cry?

I think I’m gonna have to go with CRY. I love when a good book RIPS MY HEART OUT. I just do. Though I do tend to cry very easily when I laugh, does that also count?

Nine: Black book covers or white book covers?

Uhhhh I’ve never thought about this. I really don’t think it matters to me but I’m inclined to go with black?

Ten: Character driven or plot driven stories?

CHARACTER. Character character character. Even the dumbest plot can be made alright with good, strong personalities. Characters are the reason I engage in any type of story. It’s not really the plots I take from, it’s the characters who steal my poor heart.

Hiiiii I tag YOU!!


One thought on “This or That Book Tag

  1. These answers could have been my own except for the laugh or cry – the older I get, the more I’m steering away from ones I know will leave me sobbing. But when one makes me laugh out loud, I’m happy for days from the experience!


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