Life of a Dead Boy

This is about the Raven Cycle so if you haven’t read it, ya might want to beware the spoilers.

When he was dead, he was dead; he is their friend
And he is made great, decayed
He knows them apart, together – by heart
He was a king – delayed

He met them, he knew them; he knows them, he meets them
Time curls and it curves and it winds them
One day they would find him
Ahead, sideways; behind him
Time swirls and it swerves and entwines them

Dreams and branched limbs
Sacrifices, Welsh kings
Dead, a schoolboy is kissed

Awful thoughts undiscovered,
Boys who love one another
There is – was – no one to miss

Glances slide and slip, glaze over and sway
Time bends and it hooks and it binds them
Eyes there they stay, don’t throw it away
It moves, it grows; revives him

A favor is sought
(a favor was brought)
Time coils and spins on without him

When he is alive, he is alive; he was his friend
And he was royal, made small
He dreamt wild things of colors and wings
Then he dreams nothing at all.

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